Teacher Testimonials


Educators are saying...

  •  "Adam’s unique combination of knowledge and enthusiasm has allowed him to create a truly rewarding educational experience for students of all ages.  His passion for the creatures of Florida and the importance of protecting them and their environment for future generations is evident from the moment his presentation begins.  But this experience is not a mere exhibition of environmental protectionism.  Adam’s experience as a teacher has provided him with the knowledge of Florida educational standards needed to tailor his presentations to specific learning objectives.  His time in the classroom led to the development of a rapport with students that keeps them engaged and motivates them to learn more.  His enthusiasm is infectious, and I predict many students will leave this adventure with dreams of pursuing their own careers in environmental science."

William Butterfield- 20 years in Education

Adam's Past Student Testimonials

Students have said...

  • "You were an amazing teacher who taught in different teaching mediums which was cool.  I really enjoyed being in your class overall. I understood way more in your class than my previous science classes. Which made it 100 times more enjoyable. I appreciate you dedicating your time and effort into making the AICE Marine curriculum tolerable and understanding and not so confusing.  You were the best science teacher I ever had and I am glad you came to Oasis.  You impacted my school education majorly by always being encouraging and I will forever be grateful."

  • "You always make sure we understand what were learning."

  • "You're really great at what you do and you never failed to make class interesting.  You always did your absolute best to help your students and you never left anybody behind. You always had a lot of patience with me, no matter how many questions I asked"

  • "You don't just go the extra mile, you sprint it."

  • "You have helped me understand one of my worst subjects. You were always available if I needed anything and you provided a fun and trusting environment for all of your students.  I would always look forward to your class, even when it didn't seem like I wanted to learn you made it easy to understand."

  • "Thank you for pushing me through this entire year"

  • "You have probably been the best teacher I have had and I thank you for taking your time with us.  Even though I would hate to be a teacher, I look up to your passion on what you do and the way you carry yourself."

  • "You show that you care about your students. You understand that we are human and make mistakes"

  • "My first year of high school is coming to an end and I want to tell you that all of your advice will stay with me for the rest of my life"

  • "Thank you for teaching 1 of the few classes I actually learned stuff in & making me a good test taker & teaching me marine science"