"We protect what we care about, and we care about what we know well.  If students are encouraged to explore the natural world - to learn about local plants and animals, to observe and anticipate seasonal patterns, to get their feet wet in local rivers - they are more likely to develop a lifelong love of nature that will translate into a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship"

-Tim Grant & Gail Littlejohn

School Programming


Adam and his animal ambassadors offer educational school programs from Kindergarten through 12th grade, all brought to your location!  All programs offer the unique chance of getting up close and personal with exotic animals, with the primary focus of education for appreciation!  

Learning about the natural world we live in and the animals we share it with is the most influential way to inspire students to save our planet.  Through interactive and hands-on learning, our age-appropriate school programs are designed to engage students of all ages and backgrounds, from private to public, and home school.  

Program Breakdown

Beginning to end... (50-60 minutes)

We provide copies of our "Animal Encounter Books" (1 per student), "Teacher-Animal Encounter Book" (with answers), and an (optional) "post animal activity" for students to complete after our visit.  

Your program covers a number of Florida State Standards and is broken into 3 parts.

  • (1) Introduction- Children will begin with an introduction learning what the program entails, as well as behavior expectations.  Students will be given their "animal books" and shown how to use them.   A short animal education lesson will be given, beginning the steps towards learning the Florida State Standards being taught. From here they will be dismissed, to the various animal stations

  • (2) Animal Minizoo Stations- Students will rotate throughout the room at various stations learning about the animals and their ecological importance on our planet. The information found at each station is age appropriate and will help the children learn the standards being taught.

  • (3) Animal Presentation-  The final part of your school program will have students gather together as a group while your educator brings out larger animals and teaches the children of their importance and how we can help to protect them. As the program comes to an end, students will exit the room and have an opportunity to touch a live animal!

Post Animal Activity:

Upon our departure students will have a much greater understanding of the standards covered, but the learning is not over yet! After our visit, students can continue their animal education learning and researching about Florida's most famous animal, alligators, focusing on conservation and protection.  This post animal activity is designed to further implement the standards taught throughout your program.  Students will focus on conservation and protection while they learn the importance of living with animals and how we can all help protect our animal friends! 

Ask about our optional assessment you can choose to give your class pre/post program.