We'll Come to Camp!

Whether you have a couple of months of summer, or a couple of weeks of winter, we are ready to come to your camp!

Adam and his animal ambassadors offer a variety of different educational programs, all brought to your location!  All programs offer the unique chance of getting up close and personal with exotic animals, with the primary focus of education for appreciation!  

It is important that campers keep learning! We know that camp themes and camper ages can vary drastically, therefore we offer two "general" programs for camps that our dynamic educators will customize on the spot to fit your campers needs.

Jr. Critter Camp (45 minutes total) is for children 5 years old and younger

  • MiniZoo- 5 animal enclosures (20 minutes)
  • Education/Interaction- 5 animal species (25 minutes)

Critter Camp (60 minutes total) is for children 5 years old and older

  • MiniZoo- 8 animal enclosures (30 minutes)
  • Education/Interaction- 8 animal species (30 minutes)

Animal MiniZoo- Live animals are set up in various enclosures as campers explore and learn about our ambassadors on their own or in teams.  You will commonly have items such as snake skeletons, turtle shells, alligator teeth and more!

Animal Education-Your educator will be interacting with the campers about an animal they will be holding, referencing our ambassador as an "visual aid" wherever possible.

Animal Interaction-Your educator will bring out our animals for hands-on interaction. With your educator, campers will get to touch and take pictures with our animal ambassadors. 

Program Cost