Birthday Parties-FAQs


Is there a maximum number of participants allowed?

Yes, 40 people maximum. We know that having live animals in your home is an exciting occurrence, but we strive for a safe, controlled environment. We encourage you to keep in mind the time allotted for each part of your party. 

Are there ages you would not recommend?

We encourage kids of all ages to enjoy our show, your child’s safety is our #1 concern, so we will teach ALL guests who want to participate in touching the animal proper handling techniques prior to their interaction.  This is for the child’s safety as much as it is for the animal.

Is it really interactive?

Of course, look at the brief program descriptions to see how much interaction time you get when you book a birthday party with Adam’s Animal Encounters. Please keep in mind, we guarantee hands-on interaction, but can not guarantee which animals it will be with.

What exact animals do you bring?

We have a variety of animals that may be brought to you. Sometimes our animals spend to much time at work, and need a vacation, so we allow them adequate time to rest at home.  Our animals health and well being is very important to us, so we cannot guarantee a specific animal ambassador coming to you.  All of our programs will include a species of snake, turtle, lizard, and more! 

Can the party be held outdoors?

Our animal ambassadors are found all over the world, and many do not have the ability to regulate their own temperature (cold-blooded). Florida is too hot between the months of May-October, and NO shows will be booked outdoors during those months. Thus, indoor parties are the best option.  Outdoor parties are discouraged against, but we may be able to manage if the accommodations are appropriate.  Appropriate accommodations for an outside party will include: 

  • the area, and guests, must be fully covered for the entire program
  • air is circulating throughout area
  • quiet and calm area. Can't have people running around, loud noises, or any other scenarios that would make our animals uncomfortable.
  • depending on the time of year, electrical hookup may be needed for heating.

If you are unable to arrange to have your party indoors, please send us a detailed email about your party prior to filling out the google form to book a birthday party.

What do you need when you arrive?

We will arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the beginning of your program.

Parking- We will need to have a place to park as close to your birthday as possible.  A clear pathway to cart in our items is also needed.

Arrival- The kids will be excited for the animals to arrive, but it will take time to set-up. Please have children in another location/occupied for at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the show

Space- Be sure there is enough unobstructed space to fit the party you choose.

Children-We need kids on their best behaviors.   With live animals both on display, and taken out for interaction, we need to ensure a safe environment.

Parents- PLEASE, remove yourself from the presentation area if you are going to be a distraction.  We suggest a separate area for adults to relax while we take over for a while!